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Duke Fuqua MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Alumnus / Off Campus

Duke FuquaThe following is a summary of a Duke Fuqua MBA admissions interview provided by a recent applicant: 

I have gathered a lot of useful information from the Clear Admit blogs which helped me prepare for my MBA interviews, so I have decided to pay it forward. Here goes my account of the interview experience : 

The overall experience of the Duke Fuqua MBA interview was very positive. The atmosphere was relaxed; the interviewer kind. It was very conversational. This is my recollection of the list of questions asked :

-Why MBA?Why Duke?Why now?
-A team challenge you faced at work and how did you handle it?
-A leadership experience where you failed
-A successful leadership stint
-How have you grown professionally and personally since you started working?
-How would you choose your team?/what would you look for in a team?
-How do your friends describe you? What about family? And colleagues at work?
-How do you describe yourself?
-If you have a free day how would you like to spend it?
-Did you connect with any Alums? Who were they? What did you talk to them about?
-Any questions?

Nothing really surprised me, as I was pretty much prepared (thanks to student blogs) for team-based questions which seemed to dominate my interview.

Based on my interview experience, and the after-chat with the alum about his experiences at Duke, it is evident that the school lives up to his people-centric image.

Just be prepared for a lot of team-based questions and you would be comfortable not having to think on your feet at the interview. Best of luck to all!

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