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Fridays from the Frontline: Hello, MBA Class of 2018

U0JFqj0j_400x400The following is a guest post from Jonathan Taves, that was originally published on his website, EF Essays: Essays on Economics and Finance. 

On Sunday, Jordan Spieth, a twenty-one year old from Texas, won The Masters. In 1997, a twenty-one year old also won The Masters: Tiger Woods. Amid Mr. Woods’ victory celebration, a reporter asked him if he had anything to say to the viewers back home. After thinking for a moment, he smiled and said, “Hello, world.” The day after The Masters, it only seems fitting that I borrow that iconic response as I announce my intent to reapply to MBA programs:

Hello, MBA Class of 2018

I wasn’t forced to make this decision. I received offers from three Top 30 programs and was close to enrolling with the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. I’ve decided to wait, however, because I’ll likely only go to graduate school once in my life, and when I do, I want to make sure I get it right. I not only want to select the right program, but I want to make sure that it’s at the right time in my life. Over the next year, I plan to reflect on the process, as well as, take steps to become a more attractive candidate.

Deferring enrollment until next fall will give me the opportunity to solidify my short and long run career goals. I hope to determine not only what companies I want to work for, but in what region of the country. In addition to traveling to these areas, I plan on scheduling informational interviews with individuals working in the companies I’ve identified. Learning about their experiences will help me become more confident in my career goals and thus, more able to articulate them in admissions interviews.

The extra time will also allow me to fill holes in my resume. I’ll be able to retake the GMAT – while only one criterion, it’s one that admissions committees and future employers take seriously. I’ll also work to improve my communication skills. A 2014 Graduate Management Admission Council report found that the four most sought-after skills by employers were all related to communication. Whether that be taking improv lessons or joining a Toastmasters club, there’s definitely room for me to develop these skills.

Last, but not least, reapplying gives me the opportunity to wrap-up projects I started at work; incorporate changes to the fundraiser I coordinated last winter, Stand-Up For North; and grow closer to family and friends. This isn’t a decision I take lightly. At the end of the day, however, I know it’s what I need to do. I’ll likely only go to graduate school once in my life, and when I do, I want to make sure I get it right. After serious thought, the Class of 2018 is the right one for me.