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Northwestern / Kellogg MBA Interview Report: Round 1 / Alum / Off-campus

Image for Northwestern / Kellogg MBA Interview Report: Round 1 / Alum / Off-campus

The following Northwestern / Kellogg MBA interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant. Good luck to them!

The interview was very informal. We met at a Caribou Coffee near both of our home locations. I dressed in a full suit, compared to her jeans and T-shirt. She asked the typical questions you would expect from an MBA interview, and asked several follow-up questions to my responses on my short- and long-term goals, and to my response to facing a challenge on a project.

I will say that she was clearly reading off of a script, and did not deviate from her pre-determined order of questioning. This led to several instances where I was responding to the same exact question back-to-back. For instance she asked me to describe a time I dealt with conflict. My response involved a difficult teammate I had on a project. Her next question was then tell me a time you dealt with a difficult individual at work. I did enjoy our conversation, and she actually provided a very positive anecdote referring to the relationships you form at the school.

However in hindsight, I really wish I had interviewed on-campus with the adcom. Also keep in mind that Kellogg is extremely culture and collaborative oriented. They pride themselves on seeing through those who are not of the same mindset (as stated by my tour guide when I did manage to make it down to campus). So study up on what makes Kellogg unique and speak with several students before interviewing.

– Walk me through your resume
– Why an MBA?
– Why now?
– Short-term and long-term goals
– Why Kellogg?
– What clubs/programs do you see yourself getting involved in?
– Walk me through a challenge you faced on a project
– Walk me through a difficult individual you worked with
– Tell me about a failure
– Tell me about a you did not succeed and what did you learn from it
– Example of a time you showed leadership
– Any questions for me?

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