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Michigan / Ross MBA Interview Report: Round 1 / Second-year student / On-Campus

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The following Michigan / Ross MBA interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

The interview day overall was a very pleasant experience. After a brief welcome session, we were broken up into two groups. I was to interview in the first group and was taken into another building where I met my interviewer, a second-year student. He was friendly and spent most of the time asking me questions and jotting down my responses.

The questions asked were as follows:

-Why MBA?
-Résumé walk through
-Best team experience
-Why Ross?
-Describe a professional success
-Describe a difficult teammate and how would I handle it differently the next time
-What I like and don’t like about my current job?
-Describe a time I overcame a challenge at work
-Describe any hobbies
-What other colleges I applied to (made me a little nervous to be honest here)?

I ended by asking him 10 minutes worth of questions, which he seemed to enjoy as it gave him a chance to explain why he loved Ross so much.

After that, I was brought back to the other building to reconnect with the other applicants. There were numerous sessions that provided more information on the school.

For the team exercise, we were led to the nearby Pizza House and divided into groups (those were pre-selected and listed on our schedule). The exercise was actually pretty fun and casual. First, we were given 2 words that we had to connect into a short story. I was able to tie my words to a semi-truthful story, making it easier to remember and speak about. Most others just made something up entirely. The second portion was to combine some of the words into a business problem and solution. We ended up discussing an environmental disaster and what the company could do to mitigate risks in the future. For the presentation, we had an introduction, 3 ideas, and a conclusion so all 5 of us could present. We used transitions in between speakers to simulate a real business presentation. Overall, everyone was collaborative and friendly, making the exercise easy. Just smile and be supportive of each other, and you will be fine. I spoke to an adcom member during the lunch portion of the activity, and they said the biggest mistakes would be to tell an inappropriate story (so just be strategic in what your short story is about – don’t talk about how you got drunk that one time or shoplifted) or not show collaboration skills.

Overall, the day was well-organized and not stressful. I was admitted R1. Good luck everyone!!

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