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Harvard Business School Interview Report: Round 1 / Adcom / On Campus

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The following Harvard Business School interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

I traveled from Mumbai to Boston for my Harvard Business School interview. There was a full day of activities planned for the interview invites, including a class visit, career center info session, chat with current students, lunch with faculty, campus tour, and others.) I highly recommend that any HBS interview invitees visit campus for the interview, no matter how far away they may have to travel. Just before the interview, we were given a brief 2 minute pep talk by Dee Leopold herself.

In the interview, the adcom member was very friendly. She had a thorough knowledge of my entire application, and some basic information about my industry.

• 5% of my interview was small talk and getting comfortable (it was an unusually warm day in the middle of November)
• 85% of the interview focused on high-level understanding of my role and industry
• 10% was about my personality and extra-curriculars

Questions asked (I may have missed a couple):

• Small talk
• Has the application process helped you reflect?
• How did you choose to join Jio?
• I see you now have a new role at Jio; talk about that.
• What kinds of issues do you deal with day-to-day?
• What is your typical day like?
• How important is intuition at Jio?
• How is the culture at Jio?
• Why did Reliance decide to get into consumer-facing market like telecom?
• Who are Jio’s competitors?
• How is Unilever an innovative company?
• What are your post-MBA goals?
• Tell me about your monthly Astronomy meet-ups.
• How would those close to you describe you in 3 words?

We moved rapidly through the questions. Quite conversational. No odd-ball questions.

I got my admit decision last month. Best of luck to any Harvard Business School interview invitees out there!

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