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MIT Sloan Interview Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Off-Campus Hotel

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The following MIT Sloan interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant.

Received interview invite a little more than a week before the actual interview dates. There were 3 dates to interview in my city. I selected the 2nd day. It turns out that the first day of interviews took place at a hotel where there was a lot of filming going on, and the adcom member conducted the interviews in the lobby, which she lamented was a bit distracting.

My interview took place in the adcom’s hotel suite (living room space). We sat at a small table in front of the kitchen area, but she gave me the choice to conduct the interview on the couch as well (I let her choose). I waited downstairs until she came and greeted me and walked me upstairs. Overall, she was nice but pretty professional and more reserved and didn’t seem super interested in what I had to say. There were definitely times where I would be explaining a work experience and she didn’t seem that interested. She only really seemed to get excited when I talked about specific things about MIT that I liked. She had read and was familiar with my application materials.

I was expecting a hard-core behavioral interview and prepared for such, but overall she just asked follow-up questions on any situation that she felt like she wasn’t getting the full picture of the story for.

Questions asked:

• What’s changed since you submitted your application, or tell me about something you’re proud of.
• What’s your leadership style?
• Tell me about a time you received constructive feedback from someone.
• How have you made an impact or improved the efficiency someplace?
• Can you give me another example? (of above)
• Why MBA? Why MIT Sloan?
• What events have you attended? (she already had listed a few she knew I had attended)
• What goals have you been working toward either personally or professionally in the past 1-2 years?
• Can you tell me about a time someone disagreed with you or you didn’t get along with a team member?
• Why did you choose to attend [university]?
• What question did you think I would ask that I didn’t? (Asks that question)
• What do you want to do in the future?
• Do you have any questions for me?
• How were your experiences in [country I had international experiences in]?

I was ultimately dinged. I think this had to do with lack of fit with the school, which probably came out during the interview, as I (unwisely) didn’t prepare much to adjust my responses/story to fit with MIT’s culture.

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