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Berkeley / Haas Interview Report: Round 1 / Second-year Student / On-Campus

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The following Berkeley / Haas interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant. Good luck to them!

I applied to Haas in the 1st round. I thought the interview went really well. I could get a good sense that the school was concerned with fit…more so than other interviews I did.

Overall, the tone was informal and quite conversational. It didn’t seem scripted. The interviewer didn’t read questions from script but did take notes. I’m guessing with admissions season in full swing; this was not the interviewer’s first session. The interviewer did have a copy of my résumé.

From what I remember, the following questions were asked:

– Go through your experiences in whatever order you choose. This seemed to be the standard question I received with other school’s interview.

– Since I was military, I was asked to explain my short/long term goals and why the MBA helped.

– This naturally rolled into why Haas?

– What did I bring that other candidates might not bring? How would I give back?

Many smaller questions stemmed from these central questions such as team experiences, challenges, successes, when I convinced people, etc.

The interview ended with the normal questions for the interviewer.

Overall, I could tell that Haas really cares about the learning environment and community and they were proud of this.

Great experience overall! Low stress, and quite comfortable.

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