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Last Updated Jan 23, 2023 by

MBA Wire Taps 272—Cybersecurity candidate, needs to ace GMAT. Online gaming interest, 760 GMAT. Wharton vs Columbia, for tech in NYC

WireTaps kicks off this week with a timely discussion about the importance of interview preparation for those candidates entering that phase of the MBA admissions cycle (this included a conversation about Clear Admit’s free Interview Archive: https://www.clearadmit.com/category/interview-reports/).  Graham then highlighted the employment reports recently published for Stanford and Cornell /... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 9, 2023 by

MBA Wire Taps 270—Unorthodox pathway. GRE of 318. Ross beats other options.

This week’s show kicks off with a quick run-down of the remaining Round 2 application deadlines; on Monday and Tuesday there are a handful of schools with apps due. Graham then highlighted an important admissions tip that Clear Admit recently published, regarding whether the optional essay should be used. He... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 2, 2023 by

MBA Wire Taps 269—640 GMAT, is it too low? Very low GPA. Kellogg PT versus top 16 FT

Happy New Year to all of our podcast listeners!  Alex, Graham, and the entire Clear Admit team wish you all the best for 2023!  This episode begins with some discussion of this week’s blitz of Round 2 application deadlines; on Wednesday and Thursday there are at least 15 deadlines for... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 19, 2022 by

MBA Wire Taps 266—Improved GMAT, Round 2 strategy? Interesting profile, aim high. Turnaround story, tough circumstances.

This week’s show begins with a rundown of all the activity on MBA LiveWire for the last week, which included MBA admissions decisions from Berkeley / Haas, Northwestern / Kellogg, UCLA / Anderson, and UPenn / Wharton. This upcoming week will be a little quieter with Washington / Foster and... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 12, 2022 by

MBA Wire Taps 265—Army officer for 10 years. Super profile, aim higher. Communications, retaking GRE

As is customary for this time of year, this week’s podcast kicks off with a rundown of the recent and forthcoming activity on MBA LiveWire; we are in the middle of decision weeks for Round 1, so lots of Round 1 decisions are being released and reported!  Graham highlighted the... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 31, 2022 by

Wire Taps 259—Military candidate, dings at Harvard and Wharton. Waitlisted last season, waiting this season. Stanford or bust?

Happy Halloween!  This week’s podcast starts off with a truly spooky tale about the “Infamous HBS 119″…a story that didn’t end well for MBA applicants back in 2005.  On more of an upbeat note, Alex and Graham congratulated Stanford GSB alum, Rishi Sunak, on his new role of Prime Minister... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 22, 2022 by

Wire Taps 248—Indian EdTech entrepreneur. Aerospace and Defense engineer. Enlisted Army linguist.

This week’s podcast kicks off with a discussion of the recently released class profiles for UCLA / Anderson and Cornell / Johnson. Both programs showcase impressive incoming students and stats overall, but there are some notable trends to observe around application volume and an uptick in the percentage of international... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 8, 2022 by

Wire Taps 246—Over-represented, retake the GMAT? Professional gambling pastime. Military candidate, seeking deferral.

This episode kicks off with a brief conversation about Alex and Graham’s first webinar for Clear Admit+ subscribers. It was a fun and intimate event, allowing Alex and Graham to provide direct feedback on specific subscriber questions. The second Clear Admit+ webinar is scheduled for Monday, August 29. More details... Read more »

Last Updated Jul 11, 2022 by

Wire Taps 241—Army vet in Real Estate. Super numbers, strong healthcare focus. Stellar GMAT, but more modest GPA.

This episode of the Clear Admit podcast kicks off with some talk about the activity on MBA LiveWire, which included Harvard’s decision release for its 2+2 program, as well as some additional waitlist movement. Graham highlighted some tidbits from the Adcom Q&As recently published, for Northwestern Kellogg and Chicago Booth,... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 13, 2022 by

Wire Taps 237—Strong international experience, is it enough? Government candidate from Canada. Military candidate with outstanding numbers

This week’s podcast kicks off with a discussion about updates for the new application cycle, as leading MBA programs have started releasing their new admissions deadlines and updated essays questions. Speaking of b-school essays, Graham reminded listeners of the upcoming MBA essay workshops – scheduled for July – signups are here:... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 6, 2022 by

Wire Taps 236—Central Asian candidate with manufacturing experience. Super numbers, going fast! First-gen female candidate, worried about the GMAT.

Alex and Graham are back with another episode of WireTaps, kicking off this week’s show with a discussion of the recent roll-out of several Clear Admit ‘essay topic analyses’ (which we prepare each season), as the likes of Tuck, Darden, HBS, CBS, and more have published their topics for 2022-23. ... Read more »

Last Updated May 16, 2022 by

Wire Taps 233—Asset management sales to top MBA? Lawyer to consultant, from New Zealand. Military pilot seeking product management role.

Alex and Graham kick off this week’s episode with some discussion around the waitlist movements they’ve observed over the last week on MBA LiveWire. It is becoming clear that MBA programs are going to their waitlists in good numbers, with likely more to come. Graham highlighted the most recently published... Read more »

Last Updated May 9, 2022 by

Wire Taps 232—Cyber-security military officer, physics degree. Food scientist, seeking MBA to do good. Top numbers, underwhelming school selection

Graham and Alex are back for another Wire Taps episode as Round 3 decisions continue to roll out (this upcoming week includes UPenn / Wharton, Northwestern / Kellogg, Michigan / Ross and Berkeley / Haas). Your hosts discussed anticipation of significant movement on the wait lists over the next few... Read more »

Last Updated Apr 25, 2022 by

Wire Taps 230—Enlisted military candidate with a subpar GPA. Military officer with a modest GRE score. Haas ($$) versus Wharton ($) and HBS for tech entrepreneurship.

This week’s episode of the podcast offers further details of Alex and Graham’s recent trip to London, followed by discussion of all the latest MBA admissions news. In particular, Alex noted this week’s application deadline for HBS’s 2+2 program. Graham also highlighted the recent ‘Real Humans: Alumni’ pieces, including a... Read more »

Last Updated Apr 4, 2022 by

Wire Taps 227— History major, Marine, seeking pivot to investment banking. Health care candidate, targeting 750 on the GMAT. Kellogg versus Yale, is it a no-brainer?

This week’s episode of WireTaps kicks off with a discussion of the 2023 US News & World Report rankings for US-based MBA programs. For those of you who missed the results, Chicago / Booth shares the top spot with UPenn / Wharton, with Stanford and Kellogg tied for third, and... Read more »

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