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Dartmouth / Tuck Interview Report: Round 1 / Second Year Student / On-campus

Image for Dartmouth / Tuck Interview Report: Round 1 / Second Year Student / On-campus

The following Dartmouth / Tuck interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 Applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

Hello! Long time viewer, first time I get a chance to contribute. I interviewed in Hanover, NH in the first round, and believe it or not, I got in!

With that said, it was a great opportunity to see the campus and meet with students. I interviewed with a second year on-campus. I guess they do this if the Adcom is booked, busy, or interviewing other candidates. I was nervous about this, because I thought an Adcom member would have more weight.

The interview was about 40 minutes. 25 minutes of questions for me and 15 minutes of questions for the interviewer.

It was really an informal interview, or rather casual. That definitely took some of the pressure off. The interviewer discussed their background for two to three minutes. They provided a mini bio before asking me questions.

From there, they asked me Why I wanted to go to Tuck? They asked how I would contribute to the Tuck Community… there were specific questions about my resume and questions about when I displayed leadership. After that the interviewer asked if there is anything that I wanted to tell the AdCom that I didn’t feel came through on my application.

After that, the interviewer opened it up for me to ask questions. It was a natural conversation where we talked about her experiences and specifically about things like the First Year Project.

I felt that it was important to bring my personal research to show that I was a serious candidate. I told her I was speaking with on-campus groups already, and she took a special note down when I said that. Do your research! Weave program specifics into your responses and you will excel!

Good Luck!

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