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INSEAD Interview Report: Round 3 / Alumni / Toronto

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The following INSEAD interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 3 applicant. Congratulations to them!

I had two interviews with INSEAD alumni in Toronto. The two interviews were very similar in content, but different in context.

Both interviews covered the following point:

– Career history, what did I do in my career.
– Career achievements: they wanted to know that I did some achievements in my career.
– Diversity: they asked me about diversity in my experiences and how much I value diversity. They wanted to know that I have been through different experiences that involved diversity in my life.
– Social life: they both tried to evaluate how social I am. They asked about my interests.
– Motivation for MBA: They wanted to know about my motivation to do an MBA, why now, and why INSEAD. They challenged me by asking what if I don’t get admission to INSEAD, what would my alternative be.

Generally, the interviews are more of discussion, rather than an exam. My advice for you, is to be confident, clear in your logic, know your strengths, be able to market yourself and impress your interviewers. They just want to see that you are the guy that wrote the application and confirm that you would be a successful business leader in the future.

I was admitted 🙂 Best of luck to all applicants!

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