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Duke / Fuqua Interview Report: Round 3 / Skype / Adcom

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The following Duke / Fuqua interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 3 applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

I submitted my application on the day of my deadline, May 4th, for the class of 2017. I’m not sure if that was the reason I was interviewed by the Admission Officer director, but I’m glad I did.

The interview was very conversational and relaxed, but it was clear that he had a set of questions to ask me. Also, I was interviewed by video skype and it was very conforting seeing his face during the conversation. Here you are the questions he asked:

• Tell me about the University you went. Which subjects did you find most challenging and which ones you found most difficult?
• You were a soccer player during you undergraduation program. How was it?
• How was growing up in a country like yours? Tell me about it.
• Tell me about your previous job.
• What do you do in your current job? What does your company do?
• He asked me about another course I took in the U.S.
• Any questions for me?

He told a little about his job at the University and if I had sent everything I needed to complete my application. There was room for it, so I also asked about getting a scholarship and if I needed to submitt any special request. He said that was nothing else I could do and that I should just wait.
Finally, he said that they would give me a feedback whithin a week, but that I was a good fit for the program.
After exactly a week I received an admission offer and a merit scholarship.

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