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The ROI of a Technology Management MBA from the Foster School

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If you’re considering earning a Technology Management MBA from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, there are many resources including The TMMBA ROI Blog Series to help you out. Throughout the series, the Foster School has dissected the value of the TMMBA program by interviewing a team of panelists.

Technology MBA ROI Blog Series

Blog 1

The first blog introduced the group of five panelists, all alums of the program. The panelists included:

  • Mike McCarter: A 2014 graduate and the current Director of Online Operations at Microsoft.
  • Amitai Rottem: A 2014 grad who became an entrepreneur after the TMMBA program.
  • Bhaskar Dutt: A 2012 graduate who is an Engineer Manager at Expedia.
  • Todd Cota: A 2013 alum who now works as a Senior Manager of Technology Services at West Monroe Partners.
  • Viveka Raol: A 2015 grad and Former Senior Scientist with Amgen.

Blog 2

The second blog dove into the network that students gain during their TMMBA program.

Todd Cota comments,

“For me, you meet a group of people that are in your same position, so you can talk to them about what their career goals. More recently, we’ve leveraged from a recruiting perspective as well, both at TMMBA and the other MBA programs. So I think the network is…it’s amazing.”

Throughout the blog, the panelists discussed how the Husky network not only helped them on the professional side to gain new jobs or positions but also provided value from a mentoring perspective.

Blog 3

The third blog discussed how MBAs could leverage the knowledge they gained in the program. For Bhaskar, the knowledge he gained had a significant impact on his career.

“Some of the classes I’ve been able to use most in my career have to do with leadership and driving organizational change. That’s one of the big parts of my job right now. Going back to those notes and thinking about how these things have been done in other companies in the past has really helped me.”

Learn More

To learn more about the TMMBA program at the Foster School, interested applicants can register for the next TMMBA ROI Roundtable Event on Tuesday, July 19.

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