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MIT Sloan Interview Questions Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Off-Campus Hub

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The following MIT Sloan interview questions and report were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

This interview took place last cycle [2015-2016 admissions cycle].

Interview was with an adcom at a very nice local MBB consulting office. I grabbed a bottle of water in the reception area and waited by myself until the interviewer was finished with the previous candidate. Interview was not as casual as an alumni interview, but was pleasant and not high pressure. I saw the next candidate coming in on my way out and had a nice lunch afterwards to decompress.

The interview is conducted by adcom who has reviewed your application file and has it open on an iPad.

Since the interviewer has already read my application, there was no standard walk through résumé, etc.

Why Sloan?
What’s changed since you submitted your application?
The bulk of interview was behavioral (“Tell me about a time…”).

Stories we covered included accomplishment, failure, leadership, etc.

I would imagine these questions change over time and for different applicants, but in my opinion the key here is that many of your stories you will prepare can be adapted to different questions, so if the few stories you have are strong enough its irrelevant what questions they ask.

Do you have any questions for me?

I spent a lot of time to really think through my stories as deeply and then as widely as possible, and for each one tried to identify the situation, my thought process, my actions, other peoples thoughts/actions, the outcome, what I learned, what I did differently next time, and what I still need to work on. Then I spent a lot of time thinking about how to succinctly and linearly communicate that.

I got an acceptance.

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