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HBS Round 2 Interviews Are Almost Here

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As 12 p.m. Eastern time steadily approaches, the waning moments of anxiety and anticipation for Round Two interview invites to Harvard Business School are reaching a boiling point.

Earlier this week, HBS Managing Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Chad Losee sent out a reminder to all applicants over at the HBS ‘Direct from the Director‘ blog. While nerves may certainly be on high for a host of applicants, Losee reminds everyone not to worry too much if you don’t receive an invite just yet.

“Remember,” he writes, “this is only a portion of the interview invites; the second (and final) wave will be distributed on Feb. 1.”

So while there’s still more to come, Losee does give out some vital advice for those lucky enough to receive an interview invitation in this first batch. “The online interview scheduler will go live the day AFTER interview invitations go out,” he notes, “so you have time to think about dates/times/locations that work for you.”

HBS Managing Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Chad Losee

He goes on to explain that HBS Admissions Board has no preference regarding what form of interview the candidate chooses. “We love to welcome you on campus for interviews,” he says, “but your odds of acceptance are the same if you interview in a Global Hub city, via Skype or on campus. All interviews everywhere are conducted by members of the Admissions Board.”

“I know waiting is tough, but please don’t send in any additional information at this point. We consider your application complete once you hit submit”

With the wave of decisions coming in, MBALiveWire is bound to become active. However, for those less-patient types, the Clear Admit HBS Interview Guide can give you an important head start on preparations. Those that do will find vital, up-to-date interview preparation guidance including questions that may be asked and how to form strategy around the post-interview leg of the process, among other details.

As well, head over to our Interview Archive before and after interviews to see how others have fared and help others who are waiting for invites.

Be patient but be ready! As always, we wish the best of luck to all HBS applicants!

Matthew Korman
Matthew Korman is a contributing author and editor for Clear Admit. Since graduating from Rowan University with a degree in journalism and political science, Matthew has worked with numerous academic institutions, in addition to roles as a music industry writer, promoter, and data analyst. His works have appeared in publications such as NPR and Sports Illustrated.