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UPenn / Wharton Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Off-Campus Hub

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The following UPenn / Wharton interview questions and report were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant. Good luck to them!

The TBD and interview happened with [Adcom member] in a business lounge of The Oberoi hotel in Mumbai on 21 Feb, 2017 (2:30 – 4:00 PM IST). We were supposed to have the process at the Mckinsey office in Mumbai but due to a local election, the venue was shifted at the last moment.

As has been recommended, I reached the venue about an hour before the process and got to meet fellow team members (and build an informal rapport).

The process began right on time, though unusually we were 4 of us and there was no whiteboard in the discussion.

We all started with our pitches. We had a 3 – 1 split between an expedition and an intensive. One of the team members proposed to split the time between selection of idea (10 min), development of idea (10 min), recap points and prepare the final presentation (5 min) and finally present (5 min). Then I proposed to lay down the criteria for selection and everybody pitched in. We started talking about our ideas on those lines and came to a conclusion (selected my idea – irrelevant but I got good stuff to talk about – as I had thought about the whole idea)

First, I laid down the complete itinerary and asked for the team to pitch in with ideas that we could club. We developed a holistic list of logistics, structure, purpose of the program and measures of success.

Divided pieces amongst the 4 of us and presented – we were able to finish right on time.

I was the first one to be invited to interview (with no time for reflection):

  • [Interviewer] was very friendly and started with complementing me for structuring the discussion well (later, got to know that the feedback was consistent to all the participants, but it did help ease out the tension)

Questions list:

  • How did you think the TBD went?
  • Why did you choose the idea that you did?
  • Walk me through your professional journey?
  • Talk to me more about Tripda experience.
  • Why Wharton?
  • Any questions for me?

The whole conversation lasted for ~13 mins. It was quite conversational, I’d say. Overall great experience (as it was for everybody, which scares me a little now)!

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