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Clear Admit Launches New MBA ApplyWire Tool to Help Applicants Seek Feedback on Target Schools

Image for Clear Admit Launches New MBA ApplyWire Tool to Help Applicants Seek Feedback on Target Schools

We are pleased today to announce the launch of MBA ApplyWire, the latest in Clear Admit’s growing arsenal of tools for prospective MBA applicants considering top-tier business schools. ApplyWire was designed to help applicants develop their MBA application strategy by drawing on the collective wisdom and input of the active Clear Admit applicant community.

As simple to use as its predecessors—MBA LiveWire and MBA DecisionWire—ApplyWire allows applicants to share the schools they are considering applying to along with some detail about their credentials and goals. The community can then chime in with feedback on how the applicant might refine his or her list of target schools. For example, fellow applicants might provide constructive commentary on how realistic a given school may seem based on background or suggest additional schools an applicant may not have considered that could also make sense given stated goals.   

“Our hope in developing ApplyWire was that it will serve as a great tool for applicants who are seeking to vet and refine their application strategy—specifically as it pertains to school selection,” says Clear Admit Co-Founder Graham Richmond. “One of the true strengths of is our incredibly driven (and highly qualified) audience, which takes the time to stay abreast of MBA admissions news and help their fellow applicants,” he adds. “We see ApplyWire, alongside the existing resources of LiveWire, DecisionWire, and our Interview Archive, as another great way to bring talented applicants together as they journey through the admissions process.”

Especially at this time of year, candidates are seeking feedback across a variety of forums on which schools they should be considering based on their profile. “We hope that streamlining this process will add significant value to the applicant community,” Richmond says.

Clear Admit’s existing crowd-sourced applicant resources fill several distinct needs. LiveWire keeps the applicant community connected at each stage of the admissions process, capturing real-time updates of applicants’ progress at dozens of schools. The Clear Admit Interview Archive gives applicants a platform for sharing details about the interview itself, providing a unique and valuable resource to thousands of applicants looking to learn from the experience of others as they prepare for their own interviews. Finally, DecisionWire lets applicants share their entire admissions journey in a single post—indicating where they applied, where they were accepted, and where they ultimately decided to enroll.

“As thrilled as we have been with the applicant community’s embrace of these products, we noticed a gap in the market for a tool that allows candidates to share their story earlier in the admissions lifecycle,” Richmond notes. As with all of Clear Admit’s tools, ApplyWire was designed to be easy and intuitive to use, and applicants who submit posts can choose to remain completely anonymous. The compiled submissions can also be filtered by school and intake year, giving users insight into which schools other applicants are applying to and how the competition is stacking up.

If you haven’t already checked it out, take a look at MBA ApplyWire today!

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