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Tuck Welcomes New Director of Alumni Engagement

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In an effort to engage and connect alumni in even more creative ways, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business welcomed a new director of alumni engagement: Renee Hirshberg. Hirshberg comes to Tuck from the MIT Sloan School of Management where she served as senior associate director of alumni relations for the school’s approximately 24,000 alumni. In her new role at Tuck, Hirshberg will be in charge of the 10,000-strong Tuck alumni network, which spans the globe.

The Tuck Alumni Engagement Office is dedicated to supporting alumni in their business careers while also finding new and exciting ways to get them engaged with the Tuck School. As the director of alumni engagement, Hirshberg will be responsible for reaching out to alumni, meeting them when they visit the campus, and finding ways to connect alumni to each other and the school whether they live in Shanghai, Seattle, London, or San Francisco.

Hirshberg has been in her role at Tuck since July, and in that time, she’s been able to learn quite a bit about what alumni are looking for regarding engagement with the school. In a news article, she said: “I’ve been reaching out to and meeting with many alumni to get to know them and ask for their input on how we can create additional engagement opportunities. However, what I’m hearing in return is, ‘What more can we be doing for the school?’ It’s this circle of everybody wanting to help everybody, and no one is asking what’s in it for me; they’re asking what is best for the network. I think that’s incredibly powerful and it speaks volumes to the quality of this network.”

Tuck is well known for the strength and loyalty of its alumni network, which often leads other top business schools in terms of alumni giving. Hirshberg went on to say that in her short time with Tuck, she’s seen the power of that alumni network firsthand. “During orientation, for example, I was struck by the passion for the Tuck community exhibited by alumni like Russell Wolff T’94 (EVP of ESPN) who returns to campus each September to speak with incoming students,” she said. “I feel incredibly lucky to be working with alumni who have that kind of passion and energy invested in the school.”

Hirshberg’s immediate plans are to continue spending time getting to know what alumni need and want. From there, she intends to create a support system that will better empower Tuck’s alumni to volunteer at the school while also creating meaningful connections.

To read more details about Hirshberg’s work with the Tuck Alumni Engagement Office, visit the school website.

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