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Admissions Tip: Round 2 Deadlines – The Moment of Truth

Over the last couple of weeks we published a series of MBA admissions tips for Round 2 application deadlines. Today, as a little holiday offering for our readers, we’ve conveniently gathered those tips into one tidy post, to help keep you organized.

This next week, between Christmas and New Year’s, is critical for those of you working to meet the deadlines.  As such, we wish you the best of luck!


Planning for Round 2 | Application Deadlines

Here you can find all the dates for the fast-approaching January deadlines. The tip also includes some strategic advice regarding school selection, and planning tips for writing.


Access to all the Recommendation Questions

We created this “tip” so that b-school candidates could view the questions that each school asks your recommenders. This should not only help you to prepare your recommenders, but should also give you a sense of the wider scope of what each school is seeking to learn.


Essay Topic Analyses for Each School

Detailed analysis of the essay topics for each of the schools we cover. A vital resource as you fine tune your essays and make sure they tackle all the important issues.


And finally, last year we published two resources that examine the ever expanding data forms used by each of the schools:

The Eight Question Types Most Commonly Asked in the MBA Admissions Data Forms

Unusual Questions from MBA Admissions Data Forms

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