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Harvard Business School Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / On Campus

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The following Harvard Business School interview questions and report were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant. Good luck to them!

I was called in by the main interviewer, and she welcomed me into the room where the observer introduced herself. The main interviewer asked if it was good to be home (I am from the area), and after the chit chat was over she explained their objective, which was to get to know me better. She said that she would ask all of the questions because the time was so short and that the observer would be there to listen and take notes, and that they would conduct their evaluation of me together after the interview was over. She also mentioned that I should direct my answers to both of them.

Overall the questions followed the style of previous reports in this forum: directed questions about career choices I made mixed in with questions to probe my industry knowledge and poise (to assess for the case method). The interviewer didn’t wait for me to finish if she was interested in probing for a specific point. For example, when I was speaking about an extracurricular and giving an example of an event I had planned, she interrupted to ask why I got involved in the extracurricular.

Here are the questions I was asked (may not be the specific order).
1. Why did I do a Fulbright Fellowship
a. During Fulbright when you were considering next steps was there anyone who helped give you industry perspective/advice?
2. Explain the job responsibilities of my entry-level position after the Fulbright, and explain my new position’s job responsibilities
a. clarification of timeline of when I took my current position
b. clarification of a job detail: do the manufactures take place on site (where my building is)
3. Give us a snapshot of your industry and where it’s headed
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years.
a. What’s a company you would work at
b. What’s another company you’re interested in (besides the industry I was interested in and two companies I had just mentioned)
5. How does your master’s degree fit into your goals/career plans
6. Tell me about a project you’re working on now
7. You said you took your new position to learn more about the business side, what have you learned?
8. What else do you want to talk about “we could go in many different directions, we could talk about your sports, women’s leadership network…”

I walked out and for a fleeting moment thought it had gone well, but since then have not been so sure if it went well. This is similar to what I’ve heard other people have experienced, not being able to tell if it went well. I feel very comfortable in interviews normally, and I have never felt so jumbled in my thoughts/organization of delivery before. I think this is definitely the interview tactic, regardless of whether you call it conversational or not.

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