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Wharton MBAs, Including Former NFL Player, Challenge Classmates to Pledge One Percent to Charity

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“If every MBA pledged just 1 percent of their post-MBA salary to charitable giving, what might be the potential social ramifications?” That was the question Kate Epstein and Josh McCann sought to answer when they were MBA students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. The 2014 graduates would go on to found One for the World in an effort to make philanthropic giving easier.

McCann first proposed the idea as part of speech assignment, and Epstein came on board to help grow it into an organization with chapters at universities all over the country that focus on giving back in significant ways. With more than 300 members across six schools, the One for the World movement has impacted charitable donations around the globe—and its influence continues to grow.

Justin Tuck speaks at an MBA lunch event. Photos by S. Nibras Islam.

More recently, Justin Tuck, a 2018 Wharton graduate who also happens to be a former captain and defensive end for the Giants and Oakland Raiders, sought to encourage participation among current students as part of an April One for the World “Lunch and Learn” on campus. He discussed the importance of giving now, advising attendees not to wait to give until the have “more money.” Tuck explained that giving just 1 percent of your salary now won’t really impact your bottom line and has the potential to make a major difference in the world.

Tuck, who himself has taken the pledge, talked about how the organization made an impact on his personally. “One for the World has lowered the boundary of entry for giving to kaput. I don’t have to perform due diligence on how much of what I’m kicking in is furthering the mission— they’ve done that for you.”

This year has been Wharton’s most charitable year thus far. The MBA Class of 2018 has pledged more than $86,000 to various charities, with 13 percent of the class taking part. As for where those donations have made a difference, One for the World carefully vets each of its philanthropic organizations to analyze the ones that are most effective.

In just four years, that charitable impact has afforded 400 years of healthy life to people around the world, provided clean water to more than 28,000 people, donated health products and services to more than 10,000 people, and much more.

For Tuck, the key to giving is to simply hit the ground running. “There’s opportunity and need everywhere. Find something you’re passionate about.”

To learn more about One for the World, read the full news story on the Wharton MBA website.

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