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Why Should You Choose NYU Stern for Your MBA?

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The U.S. News & World Report ranks New York University Stern School of Business #13 while The Economist ranks them #14. They’re ranked #23 by the Financial Times and #21 by Forbes. NYU Stern achieved these results through a combination of a strong global alumni network, expert research, and a collaborative culture.

The School offers a few MBA program options, including:

  • Full-Time MBA: This two-year program includes opportunities for experiential learning and networking with a close-knit student body in NYC.
  • Tech MBA: This one-year MBA program is designed for technology- and entrepreneurship-focused MBA candidates looking for coursework in business and tech.
  • Fashion & Luxury MBA: Get introduced to fashion and luxury in this one-year MBA program designed for those interested in the fashion industry.

To find out why you should choose NYU Stern for your MBA program, we talked to Lauren Calio, the Director of MBA Admissions. Here’s what she had to say.

Lauren Calio, the Director of MBA Admissions at NYU Stern

1. What sets your campus culture apart from others? What type of MBA applicants would best be suited to your culture?

Our culture is truly defined by our location in the heart of New York City. The energy, resources, accessibility, and network of New York is infused into all that we do, from our faculty to networking to cultural experiences. Stern’s collaborative culture can be defined simply as IQ + EQ. Our education is fueled by a community of exceptional individuals who possess both intellectual and interpersonal strengths to act as forces for change by turning ideas into action and inspiring others to their cause. We’re a community with heart, located in the heart of business.

2. What are the top industries your MBA graduates enter, and how does your program work to develop relationships in those industries for the best career opportunities?

At this time, the top four industries that students are pursuing are Consulting, Technology, Finance, and CPG Marketing. In addition to these areas, Stern students pursue a variety of employment opportunities. Our employment report can be found on our website, and includes specific information on trends and placement.

The Office of Career Development (OCD) is an amazing resource for our students every step of the way through career exploration to placement. In addition, student clubs and a strong alumni network are at our student’s fingertips.

Our location in the heart of New York City allows for easy access to alumni and executives. With top companies in a variety of industries just steps or a short subway ride from campus, students can easily schedule coffee chats, hold an in-semester internship, or interview with their dream company.

Also, many of our faculty are still working practitioners. This way, students are interacting with professors who are sharing their day-to-day work and teach in a very hands-on and experiential way.

3. What geographies do most of the MBA’s who enter your program come from?

NYU Stern is a global community. The class of 2020 is 39 percent international, with students coming from 39 countries. Domestically, many students come from the East Coast as well as a strong contingent from California. Stern attracts students from all over the world into a diverse and global community.

4. In regards to the student experience, what sets your program apart?

Stern’s community is collaborative and located in the heart of New York City. Stern’s curriculum is flexible and customizable and offers the opportunity to take up to 25 percent of your program at the other NYU graduate schools. Stern professors teach in a hands-on, experiential way. There are many ways for students to take advantage of the countless Stern Solution projects, including Board Fellows, Tech in the City, Stern Consulting Corps (to name a few).

We think New York City is the most exciting place to attend business school, but we also provide students with global opportunities. Many students participate in our Doing Business in… programs around the world. These one- to two-week study abroad programs include a course, company site visits, and of course, incredible cultural opportunities to experience with your classmates.

NYU Stern wasn’t the only school to answer these questions. If you’d like to see what the admissions teams at Berkeley Haas, Cornell Johnson, Duke Fuqua, Michigan Ross, UVA Darden, and Yale SOM had to say, head here.