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A Conversation with Kirsten Moss of Stanford GSB

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The Interview

About the interview, I have some very practical advice.

First, our interviews are behavior-based. Applicants will be asked by interviewers to discuss topics such as a time when you have influenced others or worked with a team.  My best advice is to think about the three or four times when you’ve taken initiative, when you’ve done something that you are really proud of. And then for each story, be ready to tell us about the context. What challenge did you face? What did you do and how did you do it? What was the impact that resulted?

You also should be able to tell us why you want an MBA and why Stanford would be the best fit for you. We are interested in what you want to achieve professionally and how this program in particular can help you get there. What are the things in our curriculum and extracurricular activities that you’re really excited about? How will Stanford help you close the gap between the skills, expertise, and capabilities you have now and what you need to be successful in your desired future?

Finally, I would suggest to have some questions for your interviewer. We use alumni interviewers, and they’re happy to share insights about their GSB experience. They will not have a copy of your application – just a resume. So it really is your time to tell them, for the first time, fresh, why you want to come to Stanford and why an MBA would make a difference.

We interview approximately two candidates for every spot we have in the class. So if you receive an interview invitation, congratulations. Although it is only one more data point in a holistic review, it certainly is worth investing time to consider your potential responses ahead of time. We want to help you shine in the 45 minutes you’ll have with an alumni interviewer.

Lauren Wakal
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