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Inside the Kellogg Greater China Business Conference

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China is the world’s second largest economy and a crucial player in global business. What happens within China’s business communities impacts business in the rest of the world. That’s why, each year, Northwestern Kellogg hosts the Greater China Business Conference.

During the conference, companies share their vision for China and provide insight into everything from the US-China economic relationship to the latest developments for Chinese consumers. This year’s conference took place on May 11th and covered the theme, “Discovering New Frontiers, Building Connection from the Heart of America.”

Panel Discussions

The Greater China Business Conference is an all-day event that includes a wide variety of panel discussions hosted by some of the top experts in the area. Here are a few of the critical panel discussions that took place.

U.S. China Economic Relationship

What does the future look like for the U.S. and China economically? In this panel, a former U.S. Trade Representative to China spoke about the trade war, looking at underlying issues and what could happen next.

China’s Relations with the U.S. and Europe

While China is continuing to grow into a global industrial powerhouse, that’s presenting some problems when it comes to global business. It has placed China into competition with the U.S. and Europe, which has far-reaching implications. The new normal affects everything from global value chains to technology innovation, and more.

Multinational Firms in Today’s China

It used to be that China offered a lot of low-hanging fruit for multinational firms, but that’s no longer the case. Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated, and corporations need to learn to be nimble and adapt if they want to keep up with the competition and be successful.

China Online

Chinese consumers spend more time online than any other consumer group; this is changing how traditional brands and retailers survive and thrive in the economy. In this panel, experts shared exciting stories about how companies are reinventing the digital revolution for their customers.

Investing in China

The investment landscape of China is growing and has never been more dynamic. There are new opportunities every day, and new government policies are encouraging more and more investment. But what exactly is the investment ecosystem, and what challenges and opportunities do Chinese investors face?

China in the Future

In this panel, three of the most innovative companies in the mobility space—NIO, DJI, and HERE Technologies—discussed the future of landscape mobility. They talked about drones, autonomous driving, and beyond.

You can find the full list of speakers and panels here.

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