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Podcast Episode 10 Replay: The Great Test Debate—GMAT Versus GRE

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One of the first decisions you may make on your journey to an MBA is which test to take: the GMAT or GRE?  The GMAT, which is owned and administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), is about three and a half hours long.  The GRE, or Graduate Record Exam, is another entrance exam produced by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which also makes tests like TOEFL test for English-language proficiency.

While the GMAT used to be the only test to take for MBA admissions, the GRE has been gaining widespread acceptance as an entrance exam for leading business schools. That’s left many applicants wondering which test to take. Today’s podcast is designed to dive deep into that question.

To do just that, we welcomed two guests to the Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast. Joining us to share their expertise in test prep and both entrance exams are Scott Shrum and Brian Galvin. Scott is former president and chief operating officer at Veritas Prep, a leading test prep and MBA admissions consulting firm, and Brian is chief academics officer there.

Have a listen!

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 10: The Great Test Debate—GMAT versus GRE?

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