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Podcast Episode 38: One-year MBA vs. Two-year MBA

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What are your career goals, and how quickly do you want to achieve them?  Will you need time to engineer a career shift or are you just looking to move at a faster pace on your current course?  Are you hoping for employer support?  Your answers to these questions and more could lead you to a one-year MBA program or a two-year MBA program.  This podcast can help you decide.

While time is the most obvious difference between one-year MBA and two-year MBA programs, each have many distinct advantages.  In this podcast episode, Clear Admit Co-founder Graham Richmond and resident admissions expert, Alex Brown, discuss the benefits of each type of format to help you decide which one could work best for your needs.  They also expand on the future of the MBA and what today’s applicants want in their graduate management education.

Happy listening!

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 38: One-year MBA vs. Two-year MBA

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