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Episode 57: Wire Taps—Accounting, Sales, Harvard/Stanford/Wharton and More

Our podcast series, Wire Taps, continues this week as MBA applicants continue to post their profiles and b-school admissions questions to MBA ApplyWire. Our resident admissions experts, Graham Richmond and Alex Brown, discuss strategies MBA hopefuls should consider, based on the details they share in MBA ApplyWire.  Such details include target programs, test scores, pre-MBA work experience, post-MBA goals and more.  If you want the chance to be featured on Wire Taps, post to MBA ApplyWire.

For this episode of Wire Taps, Graham and Alex review an entry from a candidate with an accounting background who worries he’s “average,” and another with sales experience. Another profiled candidate still needs to take the GMAT before applying to H/S/W, while another wants to return to Korea.

We’ve been so excited to see requests to be featured in Wire Taps, and hope you enjoy this episode!

Episode 57: Wire Taps—Accounting, Sales, Harvard/Stanford/Wharton and More

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Lauren Wakal

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