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New Features! Like & Sort More on the Clear Admit Wires

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We love seeing the lively community on Clear Admit, and are excited to highlight some new added features to MBA ApplyWire, MBA LiveWire and MBA DecisionWire to make these admissions tools more engaging and useful for top-tier MBA candidates.

For anyone unfamiliar with the “Wires,” MBA hopefuls can share their target business schools on MBA ApplyWire for feedback and admissions advice from the broader community. Meanwhile, MBA LiveWire lets applicants share their real-time progress through the various stages of the admissions process, such as when they receive an interview invitation. MBA DecisionWire is designed to capture applicants’ entire application journey, from where they applied, to which schools accepted them to, finally, where they chose to attend based on their options.

Read on for how we’ve polished these tools to enhance your MBA application journey.

Sort by Most Recent Activity

When you visit one of the Wires, the most recent entry will appear at the top. But, what about that ongoing conversation with a candidate asking for help choosing between CBS and Yale? Whatever happened with the newly waitlisted applicant trying to decide to keep on waiting, or to run with an in-hand acceptance?  We’ve added a new feature so that such conversations can be rediscovered easily and develop further.  Now, you can sort by most recent activity—activity being either a comment or an entry.

This format is more akin to how many discussion board platforms are organized, and it allows you to easily stay on top of the most recent activity, ensuring you don’t miss any conversations.

You Get a Like, and You Get a Like, and You Get a Like

Registered users can now “like” an entry or a comment by simply clicking on the “thumbs up” symbol.  Each community member also accrues the “likes” they receive from their comments. You can view the accrued likes of a member by placing your mouse over the member’s username (e.g. anon10660).

This feature, much like the karma points one can accrue on Reddit, helps the community to see which members are contributing strong content. If a member accrues more than 30 likes, this is reflected in their “engaged user” check mark.

Sort by GMAT Score and GRE Score

How does your GMAT or GRE score compare to others applying to your target program? You can now sort results by test scores on the Wires to get a sense of where your numbers land among the applicant pool.

With this feature, you can also see the range of test scores among accepted candidates or interviewed applicants at your target programs, helping you to see how competitive this element of your candidacy is.

Choose More than One School on DecisionWire

Do you need to weigh the merits of multiple admissions offers or do a search on admitted candidates to multiple schools?  We’ve added the ability to sort by multiple schools on DecisionWire. The results of this type of search enable you to view how prior candidates made their decisions, based on the same school choices.

Now, you can select more than one school while you sort information on the Wires.
See the results from using our new sort feature.

Milestones and More

We are very excited to witness the evolution of our Wire services over the course of the last several years.  LiveWire, our original social tool, has just celebrated its fifth birthday, and has received more than 40,000 entries during that time. We hope the addition of these new features continues to strengthen our offering to candidates in the midst of the MBA application process.

Lauren Wakal
Lauren Wakal has been covering the MBA admissions space for more than a decade, from in-depth business school profiles to weekly breaking news and more.