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Cornell Johnson Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Adcom / Skype

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My January round interview occurred in March. The interview was conducted on Skype by an admissions officer who claims that he had my resume along with application notes. He did not mention that he read my essays. In June, I was accepted into the Johnson community!

Experience summary: Most of the time was spent on prepared questions which were standard, but some spotlight was pointed on a shared hobby in my resume. He was significantly more interested in learning about my people skills and enjoyed hearing about my fit with the Johnson students. Interviewer was mostly busy writing notes as I answered his questions:

1. Tell me about yourself
2. What will you contribute to Johnson?
3. What is your leadership style?
4. What are important attributes of a leader?
5. What are 3 words that a friend/colleague would use to describe you?
6. Before I confer with the committee, what would you like for me to tell them?
7. Do you have any questions?

Admissions representative also raised a question/concern about a particular work experience. The interview lasted ~30 minutes.

Parting thoughts: I felt that my answers could have been more concise and clear because I did go on tangent here and there. He gave me a second chance on one question to answer again. But, the format did allow me to discuss everything I needed to say. Overall, I enjoyed the interview with the admissions representative whom I found personable. I look forward to speaking with him in-person!

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