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NYU Stern Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Adcom / On-Campus

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I interviewed on February 27th as part of the Women’s Interview Day. Interviews were held in the morning and then there was programming afterward. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other women as part of the event after my interview.

My interview was held in a small private room at the Henry Kaufman Management Center on campus. The woman who interviewed me had already reviewed my application and was very familiar with my background and interests. She immediately made me feel at ease and was super friendly. Stern provided water, which I appreciated. The interview lasted about 20-25 minutes with about 5-10 minutes for questions. It flew by.

This interview flowed a bit more like a natural conversation, somewhat similarly to my Kellogg alumni interview. I’d say it was not hard and it was not easy. She did ask a lot of questions! Here’s what I remember, but note that they were not in this order.

1. She first asked me to share about a personal experience growing up. To remain anonymous, I won’t share specifics, and note it wasn’t too personal and is relevant to my goals.
2. Why MBA?
3. Why now?
3. Why Stern?
4. What’s your long-term goal? (We had already discussed my short-term goal.)
5. What’s your role on a team?
6. What companies interest you post-MBA?
7. How would you prepare for recruiting?
8. What’s your backup plan? — Note this kind of came up naturally, rather than being on her list.
9. She asked me about why I started an entrepreneurial venture and why/how I let it go.
10. Tell me about a time you used data/quant-based thinking to solve a problem at work. Then a few follow-up questions about my example.

After the interview, she let me know they typically release decisions within three weeks. I sent her an email thank you, and she did reply.

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