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Episode 95: Strength in Numbers – A Student Loan Revolution

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With admissions decisions rolling out and tuition bills now pending, it’s time to start thinking about financing your MBA.  The co-founders of LeverEdge, the first collective bargaining group for student loans, join us in this podcast episode to discuss how you can secure financing at reduced rates and save on your graduate education.

LeverEdge Co-founders, Chris Abkarians (left) and Nikhil Agarwal (right)

Co-founders Nikhil Agarwal and Chris Abkarians launched LeverEdge when they, too, were facing daunting tuition bills—both from Harvard Business School. Chris is currently in his final year at HBS. Previously, he had worked in management consulting, focusing on negotiating TV licensing deals at streaming giant Netflix.  He earned degrees in public policy and political science from Duke University. Nikhil is also in his second year at HBS. His pre-MBA work experience included engineering at GE and Boeing, and he turned to entrepreneurship in 2018 with Chris when they launched LeverEdge.

Their company aggregates student loan needs, attracting rates better than those provided directly by lenders. By utilizing competition among banks and analyzing the subsequent deals that become available, LeverEdge is able to get members significantly reduced interest rates and creates the most value for its student members.  In just two years of operation, this innovative business has helped MBA students with $100 million in loans, resulting in $26 million in savings as compared to federal loan options available. On average, members save $13k on their educational loans.

Learn more in our podcast episode below, and then get in touch with LeverEdge.

This podcast episode is brought to you by LeverEdge, the first collective bargaining group for student loans.
LeverEdge, started at HBS, has helped more than 2,000 MBA students access the cheapest loans available. We have negotiated more than $100M to-date and more than 10% of all MBA students use our service to help pay for school.
Signing up is free and there is no obligation to take the deal we negotiate. The larger the group, the more power we have to negotiate better deals! Click here to learn more.
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 95: Strength in Numbers - A Student Loan Revolution

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