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LBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Alumnus / Zoom

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Fairly relaxed and conversational interview with a really friendly alumni interviewer, matched on the basis of my entrepreneurial ambitions and his expertise in the field. He had clearly studied my application thoroughly.

Standard Questions:
1) Walk me through your CV and then talk about your interest in the MBA.
2) Why LBS?
3) International Experience?
4) Trends in my Industry – my opinion on where I thought it would go (COVID aside).
5) What other schools did you apply for?
6) Diversity of teams and how will you deal with LBS’ diverse class?
7) My thoughts on entrepreneurship and failure – what would be my long-term goals, especially as I am likely to fail at some point?

Then the case, standard topic, given 5 minutes and had to present. He was super nice about this.

After that, the interview swapped sides, he gave me the opportunity to interview him for a good 35 minutes or so, which was totally unexpected (as I expected to be able to ask maybe 2 questions) and we ended up discussing a huge amount of topics covering entrepreneurship, relationships, LBS, family and geography.

Overall, great experience and the quality of the interviewer really sold LBS to me!

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