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Berkeley Haas Interview Questions & Report: Round 1/ Pre-Recorded Questions / Off-Campus

I received my interview invite a little late in the process. As a result, the only interview option available to me was the pre-recorded Skype format – the Adcom pre-selects 5 questions that are loaded on to their audio-visual virtual platform (I think it was called Kira). There is no interviewer on the other side and you have to just record your answers. There is a time limit for each answer and the entire interview gets over in 10 minutes.

The question stems were long, but I have summarised below what they were asking:
1- Tell us instances of how we can evaluate that you will contribute to diversity and inclusion on campus.
2- What are your goals and why Haas?
3- Tell us about a time when you argued with someone and you turned out to be in the wrong.
4- Tell us about a time when you collaborated with cross-functional teams and what was difficult about the process and what did you learn?
5- Anything else you want us to know?

The questions are along the lines of what you can expect. The format was new to me and I would have preferred to have a remote Skype interview with a person on the other end. The conventional interviews are also longer (up to an 1hr). So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy a dialogue, a conversation – then, pick your remote interview option early.

Anyway, I got in! My tips: stay calm, know your profile, know your application, understand the school’s values, and smile!

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