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Chicago Booth MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

I was contacted via email with a notification that I had been selected to receive an interview. I had to register online, and several days later was emailed with the student that I matched with. The student and I coordinated our schedules.

This was a resume-based interview. It was pretty conversational, and there wasn’t anything out of the blue, with fairly standard interview questions. Interview was scheduled for an hour. The questions that I got were:

1. Walk me through your resume.
2. Some conversational questions about my current job and what I do.
3. How did you become interested in [[insert field/career goal here]]?
4. Why Booth?
5. How do you see yourself contributing to the culture here?
6. Tell me about a time you had to deal with a tough situation and how you handled it.
7. How do you think you’ve grown the most since you’ve been at your job?
8. Is there anything you’d like to say that we haven’t covered yet?

The interview part only lasted 40 minutes, and the remainder of the 20 minutes were reserved for me to ask questions. So definitely come prepared with questions. This felt like one of those interviews where it was simply to get a better sense of you as a person and whether you are normal. I never felt like my interviewer was here to trip me up, and it was very conversational and quite enjoyable all around.

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