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NYU Stern Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Adcom / Zoom

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The total length of the interview went on for more than an hour.

I had a serendipitous situation because I had met my interviewer at an AHBBS/ Admissions event last weekend. The tone of the interview was very conversational.

Adcom had read my entire application already and the conversation started with some personal questions about my background regarding my You Pick 6.
I was asked to highlight to experiences in my resume.
I was asked Why Stern.
Since she had read my short-term plan in the application essays, she asked me what my plan B for recruitment was (in case plan A didn’t happen).
She asked how I plan to utilize the office of career development.
She asked “what are two areas of improvement that you believe you should work on to improve your chances for recruitment?” (or something along those lines)

She asked if there was anything else I would like to add, which I did.
And then she asked if I had questions. I had three.

Overall, I felt things went really well. I had read a few NYU interview reports before my interview and I had an idea of questions they were going to ask and prepared for them. I felt that eased my nerves.

Overall I felt the interviewer wanted to see if I had a recruitment strategy, and to understand why stern. Hope this helps someone!

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