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Stanford GSB Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alum / Zoom

For my interview, I was paired with an alum from the same industry and location. They only had access to my resume. I contacted the alum and we set up a call ~8 days after I was notified to interview (what a pleasant surprise that was!).

My interviewer was very nice and friendly. The atmosphere was conversational and I found that it was helpful to be interviewed by someone from the same industry since they understood the industry culture and context without too much additional explanation.

No real surprises. I was told upfront that the interview will be behavioral to determine “fit” and to better understand my thought-process when handling situations. Questions that I answered lasted about ~50mins. The interviewer took ~15mins to answer my questions at the end.


-Tell me about a time when you felt particularly effective.
-Tell me about a time you were blocked from achieving your goal/objective.
-Tell me about a time you went above and beyond your role.
-Tell me about a time you mentored or better a group/individual.
-Why MBA/Why Stanford? (this was asked at the end)
-Any questions for the interviewer?

The interviewer took lots of notes, listened patiently, and asked thoughtful follow-up/clarification questions. I think my interviewer was genuinely trying to get to know me a bit more and they said that they’ll be writing a report to the AdCom after our chat for the final decision. Best of luck to the next person reading this!

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