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UVA Darden Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Zoom

The interview was just like I had expected based on other interview reports! It was conducted blind (she had not even seen my resume), so make sure to convey everything you would want to from your resume and give background behind things (ie. they won’t even know when you graduated or how long you’ve been working).

1. Tell me about yourself, your family, where you went to undergrad and what brings you here today. She said that she might interrupt me with questions in the middle, but she didn’t really, she gave me free rein to speak.
2. Tell me about a time you’ve worked in a group. What is your role typically in groups?
3. Which country would you like to travel to through Darden and why? (She acknowledged that this was the same question as the essay prompt, but because the interview is blind, it is okay to repeat).
4. Do you have any questions for me?

The interview lasted about 35 mins. The interview was really different from other ones because it is a little more one-sided than most others, but they really seem like they want to give you a chance to share your story. Good luck!

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