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Choosing the MBA That’s Right for You – Video Recap

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Having a difficult time choosing the MBA that’s right for you?  This video recap might be just what you need!

There are a lot of variables that applicants need to consider when selecting their short list of schools and sometimes the decisions can be overwhelming, especially with there being hundreds of universities and colleges that offer MBA Programs and sometimes even 3-4 program options at each school.
Join the University of Miami in this discussion exploring all of the many things one should consider when researching MBA Programs.

Some of the topics the panel explored included:
What factors should you be considering when researching programs?
Insight from the Graduate Admissions Director on what the MBA committee looks for.
How certain criteria may carry more or less weight depending on the program that you choose.

Current MBA (full-time and part-time) students shared their experience, what factors were important to them when researching options, and why they chose the MBA program at the University of Miami.
You will leave having more confidence in choosing the MBA that’s right for you.

Michael Tarantino
Michael is the Executive Director of Business Development at Clear Admit. He has an MBA and a B.S. degree from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT and has been contributing to since 2017.