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Webinar: To Test or Not to Test: An Open Conversation About the Role of a GMAT Waiver in MBA Admissions

“Should I request a GMAT waiver?” A common question in today’s MBA Admissions environment along with “Can I get admitted if I request a test waiver?” and “Can I still get a job if I have an MBA without GMAT?” Clear Admit partnered with Carnegie Mellon Tepper to discuss these topics and more in an open conversation about the role of test waivers in MBA Admissions.  J.R. McGrath, the Executive Director of Masters Admissions at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and Mike Tarantino from the Clear Admit team led the conversation and took plenty of questions from the audience... Read more »

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Student Loan Rates are Rising – Lock in your low rate today!

As interest rates begin to rise again after historic lows, Juno has been carefully monitoring the markets. They’re a Clear Admit partner that protects students from high interest loans by researching, negotiating, and forecasting the rate environment.  Since January, lenders have been anticipating rate hikes from the Fed, along with other market forces, and have begun to raise their lending interest rates accordingly. In the first few months of 2022, Ascent raised their starting fixed rates significantly from 3.09% to 3.87% as of March 4th.  This is expected; the Federal Reserve has expressed concern about inflation, and plans to raise... Read more »

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How to Decide Between Federal and Private Student Loans

My name is Nikhil Agarwal. I graduated from Harvard Business School in 2020 and have helped thousands of students with more than $500 million of student loans over the last three years through Juno, an organization that negotiates the lowest rates for MBA student loans.  Read on to learn more and decide if federal, private, or a mix of federal and private student loans are the best fit for your MBA student loans.    The TL;DR Version Reasons to Select Federal Loans You are pursuing a career that would make you eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, or you may... Read more »

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Choosing Between Fixed and Variable Interest Rate Loans

My name is Nikhil Agarwal. I graduated from Harvard Business School in 2020 and have helped thousands of students with more than $500 million in student loans over the last three years through Juno, an organization that negotiates the lowest interest rates for MBA student loans.  When it comes to private student loans, you usually can choose between fixed interest rates and variable interest rates. Most people choose fixed interest rates and have a negative opinion of variable interest rates. Sometimes, that negative opinion is not justifiable. When you’re deciding between the two types, you should ask yourself, “How much... Read more »

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Optimal Strategies for MBA Student Loans

My name is Nikhil Agarwal. I graduated from Harvard Business School in 2020 and have helped thousands of students get the best deals on more than $500 million in student loans over the last three years through Juno, a startup that negotiates lower rates for MBA student loans.  When you’re choosing an MBA student loan, you can customize the following: The loan term (generally five to 20 years) The repayment plan (how much you want to pay while you’re in school) The type of interest rate (fixed versus variable) The interest rate you receive depends on the choices you make.... Read more »

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A Guide to MBA Student Loans

You’re excited. You just got into your top picks for business school and are deciding which one to attend. One thing you should keep in mind while you’re comparing is how much each school will cost. Here’s a guide to MBA student loans, from start to finish, brought to you by Juno, an organization that helps you navigate student loans for free.   Step 1. Analysis What sort of financial aid package did you receive from each school? Do you want to appeal to get more aid? (Hint: The answer is likely yes.)  What’s the school’s stated cost of attendance... Read more »

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Budgeting for Business School

My name is Nikhil Agarwal. I graduated from Harvard Business School (HBS) in 2020 and have helped thousands of students with more than $500 million in student loans over the last three years through Juno, an organization that negotiates the lowest rates for MBA student loans.  When it comes to attending business school, one of the best ways to minimize your cost is to learn how to budget and manage your money. Read below for considerations when budgeting for business school.   Don’t Blindly Follow the Cost of Attendance Published by the School In my opinion, schools grossly underestimate the... Read more »

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How Two HBS Students Changed The Student Loan Market

Juno’s Origin As my co-founder and I started at Harvard Business School, we decided the student loan market was absurd. We also knew that we could get lower rates if we negotiated as a large group of MBAs, as opposed to applying for loans by ourselves. So we formed a collective bargaining group and successfully managed to get a bank to offer loans with very low interest rates to us and our friends who were attending various MBA programs. Pretty much everyone who heard about the deal took advantage of it.  Juno is effectively the more organized version of the... Read more »

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Webinar: A Sneak Peek at Rice Business – Video Recap!

Welcome. We are Rice Business. Rice broke school records in employment outcomes this year. Come find out why our #1 entrepreneurship ranking continues to draw students to campus and reap the benefits of Rice being in the heart of the largest city in Texas, the hottest state for relocating tech companies. Join Clear Admit and Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business and check out our sneak peek into Rice. We heard from Janice Kennedy, Executive Director, Recruiting and Admissions, as well as Marie Bergeron, Director of Career Development, and a few entrepreneurial Rice alumni on everything from the school’s location,... Read more »

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Webinar: CMU Tepper MBA: Designed for the Intelligent Future – Video Recap!

Interested in an MBA degree that will stand the test of time? Check out our video recap of the recent Clear Admit and Carnegie Mellon Tepper webinar, “CMU Tepper MBA: Designed for the Intelligent Future.” In a future defined by vast quantities of data, will you be able to harness this information to make sound, innovative business decisions? The Tepper MBA combines advanced analytics with personalized leadership coaching to give you a formidable advantage over the competition. J.R. McGrath, Director of Admissions and Tepper MBA alumni discussed why the science of management and art of leadership matter in your MBA... Read more »

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Webinar: Pursuing an MBA Without a Business Background – Video Recap

Interested in an MBA degree, but come from a non-traditional background? Watch as Clear Admit and the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School take part in a panel discussion, “Pursuing an MBA Without a Business Background.” Did you know that over half of UNC Kenan-Flagler Full-Time MBA students enter the program without a business background? Watch the video recap and hear from UNC Kenan-Flagler career experts, assistant dean of the Full-Time MBA program, and several current students as they talk about the doors an MBA can open for any driven professional.  In this panel discussion moderated by Admissions Director... Read more »

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Webinar: Considering an MBA Abroad? – Video Recap

Have you considered pursuing an MBA abroad? Watch as Clear Admit and HKU Business School discuss the benefits of studying an MBA in Asia. Asia now lies at the center of many business ventures worldwide and the Asia-Pacific Region is more important to business now more than ever before. HKU Business School offers a full-time MBA programme in one of the most diverse and populous cities in all of Asia. Students can take advantage of this fantastic location through learning experiences, internships and travel.  Check out the video of the webinar where we discussed the benefits of studying an MBA... Read more »

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Choosing the MBA That’s Right for You – Video Recap

Having a difficult time choosing the MBA that’s right for you?  This video recap might be just what you need! There are a lot of variables that applicants need to consider when selecting their short list of schools and sometimes the decisions can be overwhelming, especially with there being hundreds of universities and colleges that offer MBA Programs and sometimes even 3-4 program options at each school. Join the University of Miami in this discussion exploring all of the many things one should consider when researching MBA Programs. Some of the topics the panel explored included: What factors should you... Read more »

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Tuck School of Business to Host Free Chat

Applying to Tuck School of Business?  This Live Chat is for YOU! Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your Round 3 application or you’re just getting started on your application for the next admissions cycle, this chat will provide all of the insider tips and advice you need to help you prepare to submit your best possible application! Megan Creeden, Assistant Director, Admissions Yield & Lesley Nesbitt, Associate Director, Admissions Yield with the Tuck MBA Admissions Team will co-host the event, with the assistance of the Clear Admit Team. Monday, March 22, 2021 12:00 p.m. Eastern Dartmouth Tuck Event... Read more »

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UNC Kenan-Flagler Webinar – It Takes All of Us: Diversity in Leadership – Video Recap

UNC and Clear Admit are proud to present the video recap for our latest UNC Webinar – It Takes All of Us: Diversity in Leadership. An MBA not only gives you the business skills, tools and perspective to be successful in your career, but also provides you with the opportunity to navigate the social complexities of business, develop deep relationships and lead a more purposeful life. Watch as Danielle Richie, Sr. Associate Director of Admissions at UNC Kenan-Flagler, and a panel featuring faculty member Elizabeth Dickinson, a full-time MBA student and alum to learn more about UNC Kenan-Flagler’s diverse and... Read more »

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Clear Admit’s Essay Insight Virtual Events Are Back!

Back by popular demand! We’re pleased to announce two more dates in our Application Insights Event Series, giving you direct access to – and advice from – decision-makers at leading MBA programs. These essay-focused workshop events will be offered on two dates – November 11th & November 18th – with multiple MBA programs being represented at each.  Both workshops will be hosted by Graham Richmond from the Clear Admit team and the webinar will begin at 12 p.m. EST. The event will begin with a roundtable discussion featuring all participating schools. This panel portion will cover the following topics: When... Read more »

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You’re Invited to Clear Admit’s Application Insight Virtual Event – Essays

Clear Admit is giving you behind-the-scenes access to the top MBA programs you desire – specifically regarding tips on the admissions process – with some key advice directly from their admissions teams. Our first workshop will be all about Essays! This workshop will be offered on one final date – September 16th – with multiple programs being represented at the event.  The workshop will be hosted by Graham Richmond from the Clear Admit team and the webinar will begin at 12 p.m. EDT. The representatives from each school represented will start with a roundtable discussion on the following topics: 1)... Read more »

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Access MBA Online – Europe Event Announcement

Our friends from Access MBA have moved their admissions events Online. Read on to learn more about the new format and for their upcoming events near you. Discover a world of MBA opportunities with Access Online Are you looking for the best way to grow your career as a business leader? This online event gives you the opportunity to explore MBA study options wherever you are located around the world. Get ready to meet leading international business schools on your computer or mobile device and find out more about their best MBA programmes by connecting online. What to expect from... Read more »

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Clear Admit and Prodigy Finance Host Webinar on Funding Your MBA Abroad

Looking for more information on funding your MBA abroad? Recently, Clear Admit teamed up with community-funded loan provider Prodigy Finance for an informative webinar about financing an MBA for students who will be earning the degree outside their home country.  We were pleased to have had a number of registrants who joined this webinar on April 15th and took part in a lively Q&A session at the conclusion of the presentation. Riane Corter, University Relations Manager at Prodigy Finance, took a lead on the webinar by touching on many key points including: How the borrowing process works for international student... Read more »

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TODAY at NOON: Tuck School of Business Hosts Free Chat with Current First-Year Tuck MBAs

Are you curious about life at Tuck? Join Clear Admit and Tuck for a free chat with current students as they share an insider-view of what it’s like to be a first-year. In this online chat, current first-year students will provide insight into Tuck’s culture, housing on and off campus, clubs and other activities.  An admissions representative will also be around to answer all your questions about the admissions process. We’re sure you’ll walk away from this event excited to take the next step to Tuck!  Bring your questions! Megan Creeden, Assistant Director of Admissions with the Tuck MBA Admissions... Read more »

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