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HBS Online’s CORe Business Essentials Program: Confidence and Skills for Every Stage of Your Career

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An MBA is a valuable credential, whether you want to advance your career or become an entrepreneur. This degree adds value to your work experience and makes you more attractive to prospective employers by conferring the necessary skills for business success and unparalleled networking opportunities. It requires an investment of your time and energy to succeed in an MBA program. It can also be an expensive path, so you must consider the return on that investment for yourself and your career. How do you know an MBA is the right path for you? How do you know you are ready for this journey? Harvard Business School Online offers the Credential of Readiness (CORe) program to help you make that decision and prepare for what’s ahead.

CORe is a flexible, online program that enables you to explore the foundation of an MBA and gain the essential skills, tools, and confidence to advance your career. CORe equips you with the background to make critical business decisions with confidence while exploring the principles of business.

The Syllabus

The CORe program consists of three courses—Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting—and a final exam. Business Analytics teaches the basics of data analysis and prompts students to adopt a data mindset. Economics for Managers covers how to develop pricing strategies, identify competitive advantages, and teaches powerful analytical tools for managers to understand what drives demand. Financial Accounting provides insights into business performance and introduces accounting standards. You’ll learn how financial statements are developed and used to evaluate business performance.

HBS Online’s course delivery ensures an immersive experience, featuring interactive teaching elements and collaboration with fellow CORe learners. Engaging videos feature HBS faculty and guest lectures from business experts. The curriculum is delivered in modules that allow you to work according to your own schedule to meet the weekly deadlines. Learners are exposed to real-world challenges through case studies from organizations such as Amazon, the New York Times, Morgan Stanley, and the American Red Cross. Through exercises and cold calls, you will explore how Wall Street analysts, entrepreneurs, and business professionals use the resources and data tools you’re learning about to compete in the global market and develop problem-solving skills.

The final exam is a three-hour, multiple-choice, closed book assessment created by HBS faculty and delivered via the HBS Online course platform. The exam is offered to participants after successful completion of the program during defined time periods following the last module deadline.

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Is CORe Right for Me?

HBS Online designed CORe to meet the needs of current students and recent graduates, those who are considering graduate school, and mid-career professionals.

The rigorous courses function as MBA classroom prep for anyone who is planning to start their MBA journey, as well as those who just want to test the waters. Recent graduates entering the job market can gain an edge by adding CORe to their resume and preparing for the business world.

For mid-career professionals looking to deepen their understanding of essential business concepts or increase their profile in their industry, CORe is a unique opportunity. You can add the latest technology and analytical tools to your existing experience, developing fresh strategies to bring to your organization.

The program is also an excellent segue for working professionals transitioning to a graduate school environment, regardless of how long it’s been since you last attended an institution of higher learning.

HBS Online offers CORe with two timeline options to fit your work-life balance, delivering the same content and requirements in either a 10-12 week or extended 17-week run. Financial aid is also available for those who qualify.

Malachi Koop is pursuing his MBA at Georgetown University and is a graduate of the CORe program. He had planned on becoming a pastor, but launching a social enterprise set him on another path. “I initially decided to take CORe instead of an MBA,” Koop says. “But instead, HBS Online is what confirmed for me that I wanted to pursue an MBA. I was worried about being able to prove to an admissions committee that I had what it took from a quantitative perspective, but HBS Online gave me another data point on my resume to prove it wasn’t going to be an obstacle for me.”

Technology is adapting to meet the increased demand for more flexibility in the workplace and academic spaces. HBS Online’s CORe epitomizes how today’s online programs benefit students and professionals in every stage of their careers.

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