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Kellogg’s Board Fellows Program Receives $3.5M Gift From Golub Capital

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Kellogg School of Management has recently received a generous gift from Golub Capital, a leading credit asset manager, to expand Kellogg’s Board Fellows program and create a second Golub Capital Social Impact Lab.

Kellogg’s Board Fellows program at Northwestern University is a 20-month program that prepares a select group of students for board service, specifically in the Chicago non-profit arena. Through a combination of academic coursework, shadowing, board placement, and strategic consulting, these students are given the tools to change the foundation of nonprofits. Since 2003, the fellows that have graduated from this program have served on the board of over 223 unique Chicago-area nonprofits. David and Lawrence Golub, co-founders of Golub Capital, have recently been captivated by the unique & humble mission of this program.

Haley Robinson, Senior Communications Coordinator for Northwestern University, is excited to officially announce that Golub Capital is generously giving $3.5 million to Kellogg’s Board Fellows Program. This gift will go towards the program itself, and the program will become known as Golub Capital Board Fellows Program.

This generous gift will also be used to create a second Golub Capital Social Impact Lab. The first was established at Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2019. This innovative lab will be a place where fellows, post-doctoral students, and other academic minds can come together and collaborate with faculty members across different Kellogg departments on a range of social impact-related research and help export the program to other business schools. Even further, with the creation of this lab, Kellogg students will have more access to advanced research and quantitative practices, enabling them to take on even more rigorous projects, and deliver a greater impact for non-profit partners.

“For nearly 20 years, Kellogg students have meaningfully contributed to the missions of Chicago-area nonprofits through our Board Fellows program,” said Dean Francesca Cornelli. “Golub Capital’s generous gift will help us understand better how board members of nonprofits can provide even more value to these organizations and those served by them.”

Click here to learn more about Golub Capital’s gift to Kellogg’s Board Fellows Program.

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