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Goizueta Business School Launches Master of Analytical Finance Degree

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Emory’s Goizueta Business School is officially announcing that it will be introducing a Master of Analytical Finance degree starting in the Fall 2022 semester. This new degree is being led by Kirsten Travers-UyHam, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance. With the financial market evolving so quickly nowadays, she recently saw a gap in the financial academic field that needed to be filled. She has created this program to be unique from others that are currently offered to business students or students interested in learning more about the finance field.  

Master of Analytical Finance Degree
Dr. Kirsten Travers-UyHam

One of the many things that makes this degree different from others is that it has a STEM based curriculum. The program will also not be held in a typical lecture style, seeing as Dr. Travers-UyHam has created the program to mirror the experience of an internship. Students will be treated like real analysts on their first day of class. They will learn and be able to rotate through different analyst roles through the cutting-edge Finance Lab. Through this lab, “students will experience the fast pace of live markets daily with access to professional industry platforms and analytical tools,” states Kirsten Travers-UyHam. “The hub will also facilitate collaboration and networking with practitioners through partnerships with financial institutions.”

Through this program Dr. Travers-UyHam hopes to teach her future students how to communicate financial advice and analytical results effectively. Since it can be difficult to completely understand financial vocabulary and terminology, one of her goals is to teach her students to speak in a way that others will be able to interpret. 

Finally, and most importantly, Dr. Travers-UyHam hopes to share and spread her love of finance to other individuals. She notes, “The finance world is an exciting place to be a part of, and I want to show that to other people.” The Master of Analytical Finance degree is formatted for recent graduates to prepare them for careers in sales and trading, investment management, FinTech, consulting, hedge funds, risk, and other analytical careers.

Learn more about the new Master of Analytical Finance degree here.

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