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Stanford MSx Class of 2022: Embracing Disruptive Change

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Stanford GSB welcomed their new MSx Class of 2022 to campus at the end of July. The MSx program is designed for mid-career professionals with at least eight years of professional work experience. It’s a one-year, full-time program and participants earn a master of science in management degree.

Current MSx student, Julianne Marie Brands, shared, “I love to learn, and I had always meant to get my MBA. I was having too much fun in my career to leave for a two-year degree… The [MSx] program matched everything I wanted; a one-year, full-time masters from a top business school; a chance to accelerate my career in the heart of Silicon Valley; an opportunity to challenge myself alongside other curious, passionate, and kind individuals.”

Two Cohorts Converge

For the first time since the program launched in 1957, two cohorts are on campus at the same time. The MSx Class of 2021 had a delayed start in January due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mike Hochleutner, Director of MSx Admissions, said in a statement, “The MSx classes of 2021 and 2022 are unique in the context of the program’s history. Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities due to COVID-19, and more than ever before, our students are seeking to embrace disruptive change. The diverse experiences of each cohort create a community of leaders who have the potential to develop initiatives that address pressing needs and shape how organizations evolve as a result of the pandemic.”

He also told Clear Admit, “Having two overlapping cohorts expands the reach of the MSx community within the GSB, and new cohorts often benefit when they can get guidance from students that are a little ahead of them. More importantly, when you create linkages between cohorts, it increases the potential for collaboration, not only while participants are at the GSB, but over their lifetimes.”

Stanford MSx Class Profile

This year, 57 students joined the MSx class. A quarter of them are women and just over half are U.S. students of color. The number of international students jumped up to 66 percent, compared to last year. Stanford reports that the countries with the highest number of class members include India, China, Brazil, Colombia, and Japan. Altogether, the new class has an average of 12 years of work experience.

Hochleutner shared, “The pandemic did affect the mix of students this year to some degree, as travel and visa restrictions prevented nationals from some countries from attending. We also saw a dip in the percentage of women enrolling this year to 25%, and while this still compares well to other mid-career programs, we want to see it recover and increase in coming years.”

Brands echoed this sentiment, noting, “While the program curates an amazing diversity of perspectives, our class is only 25% women. A top priority for me in my time here is to work with the MSx program to rethink how to better support, recruit, and retain mid-career women.”

But diversity is woven into the program, she says, “Without a doubt, I have never been around a more intellectually curious, accomplished, and humble group of people… Stanford GSB curates the program to bring unique, global, and diverse perspectives to the class. I learn as much from my classmates as I do my teachers. My classmates are truly experts in topics including (but not limited too) – Israeli cyber security, sociopolitical dynamics in Singapore, business influence in the Middle East, venture capital in Silicon Valley, and the list goes on!”

The median GMAT score of incoming students landed at 700. For those who took the GRE, the median GRE verbal score is 163 and the quantitative median is 165. The median TOEFL score is 109.

Stanford MSx Class of 2022 Profile

Class Size 57
Women 25%
U.S. Students of Color 52%
International Students 66%
Average Years of Work Experience 12 years
Median GMAT 700
Median GRE (Verbal/Quant) 163/165

Advice about Applying

When it comes to applying to the MSx program, Hochleutner said, “I truly believe it’s the best personal investment available for the right person, but it’s important to do your homework and to be honest with yourself, especially about your goals and what you’re willing to do to reach them. If it looks like a potential fit, use your network to connect with some alumni that might offer helpful perspectives, and reach out to us when you have questions about program specifics.”

There are, of course, challenges to consider. Brands shared, “I underestimated the sheer volume of work. You need to aggressively prioritize. I have found it challenging to balance family, school work, and relationships. The GSB is an incredibly collaborative, and also competitive, school. Space in class is limited, especially for MSx students. It takes a fair amount of ‘hustle’ to obtain the resources and support you need for academics and career opportunities.”

But when asked for her advice on applying to the Stanford MSx program, Brands said: “Just do it!”

Learn more about the Stanford MSx Class of 2022 here.

Lauren Wakal
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