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Tuck Again Sets Records with the Class of 2023

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See the Dartmouth Tuck MBA Class of 2024 profile here.

tuck class of 2023
Patricia Harrison, Co-Executive Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

This semester, Dartmouth Tuck’s first-year MBAs have again set records for class size and academic performance. The incoming class of 2023 is the largest in Tuck’s history, holds a record high average GMAT score, and boasts the largest representation of first-generation college students for the school.

Pat Harrison, co-executive director of admissions and financial aid, said in the school’s press brief, “We’ve enrolled a class of engaged and impactful students with a proven track record of academic excellence. These are students who are excited by challenges and motivated to learn from others. They’re an accomplished and ambitious group.”

Dartmouth Tuck 2023 Class Profile

Here are some key elements of the latest class profile:

Tuck Class Profile: Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.54
Percent majoring in arts, humanities, social sciences 45%
Percent majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math 28%
Percent majoring in business 27%

Class of 2023 GMAT Statistics

Average GMAT Score 724
GMAT Score Range 600 – 780
GMAT Quant Average 48
GMAT Quant Range 39 – 51
GMAT Verbal Average 42
GMAT Verbal Range 34 – 51

Class of 2023 GRE Statistics

GRE Quant Average 162
GRE Quant Range 152 – 170
GRE Verbal Average 162
GRE Verbal Range 149 -170
Percent Submitting GRE Scores 37%

Tuck Class of 2023 Student Characteristics

Women 46%
Countries Represented (by citizenship) 35
International Students 41%
Average Work Experience 65 months

Class Demographics

The Tuck Class of 2023 comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Women make up 46 percent of the class. Six percent of the class identify as LGBTQ students. US minority students represent 29 percent of the total US students, which includes Native American, Black, Asian America, and Hispanic students. Historically underrepresented US minorities, identified as Native Americans and Native Hawaiians, Black Americans, and Hispanic or Latin Americans, make up 14 percent of total US students in the class.

Forty-one percent are international students, including dual citizens and permanent residents. Thirty-five countries are represented in the Class of 2023, 70 percent hold citizenship in Canada or the United States. Twenty percent hail from Asia, eight percent are from Europe, and seven percent are from Latin America. Four percent come from Africa or the Middle East, while less than one percent are from Oceana.

Academic and Professional Background

This year, 16 percent of Tuck’s Class of 2023 reports that they are the first in their family to graduate from a four-year college or university, a record for first-generation college students. Eleven percent of students already hold an advanced degree. All averages for standardized measures of academic achievement—GPA, GMAT, and GRE—rose over last year. The number of students with a humanities background decreased 4% while those with a business degree increased by the same percentage.

This MBA class reflects experience from 227 different employers and average just slightly more than last year’s class at an average of 65 months at work before joining the program. Twenty-five percent of the incoming students were working in consulting, 20 percent in financial services, 14 percent in technology, and nine percent were employed by non-profits or in government service.

“Every T’23 has brought a different set of experiences with them to Tuck—experiences that have shaped who they are and their character,” said Amy Mitson, co-executive director of admissions and financial aid, in a school statement on profile’s release. “We can’t wait to see the impact each student has on the community.”

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