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NYU Stern Class of 2021 Employment Report: Graduating Class Sees Record Success Despite Uncertainty

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NYU Stern has released its full-time two-year MBA Class of 2021 Employment Report. It is another record-setting year for graduates who have achieved gains in employment rate and salary in the face of an uncertain world economy still impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Associate Dean of Career Services Beth Briggs said of the results, “For more than a year, the world has contended with an unprecedented amount of change, but one constant has been the continued success of our students. Our talented MBA graduates have proven time and time again that they are adept at not only embracing but also leading change.”

The median base salary for the class is $155,000, and the median signing bonus reached $35,000, both records for Stern. Within three months of graduation, 95.2% of graduates had accepted a job offer. For international students, 97.3% had taken a job within three months of graduation. These employment rates also represent record highs for Stern MBA grads and were achieved despite supply chain disruption and labor market upheaval.

2021 Employment Report: Stern Facilitates Key Outcomes for Graduates

Over 84% of graduate jobs were institution-facilitated. By graduation, 86.2% received offers and 85.9% had accepted job offers. For students preparing to graduate in 2022, 100% of students who were seeking a summer experience secured one.

“From strengths-based assessments to comprehensive resume reviews, as well as networking and interviewing preparation, we partner with and support students every step of the way,” said Briggs. Stern’s MBA students begin a career program known as IGNITE over the summer before attending their first classes. Offered by the Office of Career Development, students receive robust personalized career coaching and preparation throughout their MBA program.

In addition to internships, on-campus interviews, and longstanding relationships with employers, Stern boasts an alumni network of 110,000 alums in over 130 countries. Crossing industries and continents, they serve as resources and ambassadors for students, from working one-on-one to hosting recruiting events.

“Our New York City location in downtown Greenwich Village is yet another locational endowment with so many corporate headquarters located nearby, along with a strong alumni presence given the high number of alumni in the tri-state area. These are just a few of the assets, coupled with the incredible talent of our MBA students, that led to their year’s record employment outcomes,” Briggs said.

Where MBAs Are Landing and How Much They’re Earning

The top industry for the class of 2021 is financial services, where 35% of students found work. Consulting careers were secured by 31.3% of the class, investment banking jobs 28.3%, and the tech industry saw 19.2% of graduates find their careers.

The highest average salary by industry is in law, which reached $180,000 for the 4% of graduates who found jobs in that sector. The next highest salaries are in investment banking, where graduates are earning an average of $160,897.

Nearly all jobs for Stern MBA graduates—95.1%—were located in North America. More than 75% of those jobs are in the Northeast region of the US, while the US West saw 12.2% of graduates find work. Just 2.4% of jobs were located in the US South, where the highest average salary was also found at $166,071.

Briggs cites Stern’s cultivation of students’ strengths as a significant factor in their positive results. “While our MBA community is composed of an incredibly diverse group of passionate students, one characteristic they all have in common is their incredibly high EQ — emotional intelligence. We screen for it, we help them hone it during their MBA experience, and employers seek it and value it when hiring our students.”

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