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Real Humans of ASU Carey’s MBA Class of 2023

asu carey class of 2023

asu carey class of 2023Sanjana Mansukhani, ASU Carey MBA Class of 2023

Age: 27
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Undergraduate Institution and Major: Chartered Public Accountant, Bachelor’s in Legislative Law and Bachelor’s in commerce – Accounting: University of Mumbai.
Pre-MBA Work Experience (years, industry): 6 years, Corporate Finance in Financial Services & Healthcare Industry

Why did you make the decision to attend business school? Why now?
I was at a point in my career where my growth stemmed from my technical knowledge in finance. Having worked in finance for over 6 years, I felt this was the ideal time to take a step back, re-evaluate my future aspirations, and align my goals according to those objectives. After reflecting on what I’ve done and where I want to grow, business school is the best answer to achieve my future goals.

Why did you choose (school)? What factors figured most prominently into your decision of where to attend?
I visited several schools before I applied for my MBA. However, my visit to ASU was my favorite experience. The admissions team answered all of my questions, showed me the classrooms, and encouraged me to apply. Additionally, I love the Net Investor culture at ASU where we are encouraged to give back to our MBA community. I was also drawn to the Executive Connections program and W. P. Carey’s emphasis on mentorship. I recently had my first one-on-one with my Executive Mentor, and I look forward to working with him as I navigate my MBA program.

What do you think is your most valuable or differentiating contribution to the Class of 2023?
The most valuable aspect of the Class of 2023 is our gratitude for the ability to study in person. Given how everyone missed out on the opportunity to communicate and network in person last year, our class is open, friendly, and excited to try new adventures together.

Tell us a fun fact that didn’t get included on your application:
I am a big Bollywood buff, and my stress reliever is watching reruns of my favorite Bollywood movies!

Post-MBA career interests:
I want to get into a Leadership Development role at a tech company. I am currently speaking with employees who have successfully navigated Leadership Development programs to learn more about their experiences and any opportunities at their companies.

Advice for Current Prospective Applicants:
– What is one thing you would absolutely do again as part of your application process?
I enjoyed the process of writing my application essays and see the value in doing this again. While it was a time-consuming process, it helped me understand myself better and challenged me to pinpoint my goals for the MBA program.

– What is one thing you would change or do differently?
If I were to start my application process over, I would speak with more first-year and second-year students as I completed my application. I didn’t start meeting the second-year students until I arrived in Arizona, and in hindsight, it would have given me a broader perspective on the Carey Culture that would have been valuable to call out in applications.

– What is one part you would have skipped if you could—and what helped you get through it?
If I could, I would skip having to take the GRE. That was the most stressful part of my application process. Fortunately, I studied for the GRE with my friends. This helped all of us stay motivated and accountable for reaching our study goals.

What is your initial impression of ASU Carey’s students/culture/community?
The culture has been very welcoming. The Operations team did a great job helping us settle in. We also had a week-long orientation where we met our professors before classes began.  Additionally, many of the second years visited our class during orientation to provide advice on navigating our first semester. Lastly, many of my classmates reached out to help the international students settle in, take us grocery shopping, and tell us all the must-go places in Tempe.

What is one thing you have learned about ASU Carey that has surprised you?
The operations and admission teams are amazing! They were extremely helpful during the application and admission process and also after I received my offer. They were knowledgeable about the pandemic situation in India and its impact on the ability to travel and acquire a VISA. Their communication with international students was exceptional from the point where I got my admissions notification through when I landed in the United States.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your personal application or admissions process in any way? If so, how?
I worked remotely during the pandemic, which gave me additional flexibility and time to focus on my applications. Additionally, the pandemic challenged me to reflect on what I value most and how there are so many things in life for which to be grateful. Having extra time to reflect greatly aided me in my application process and also helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses which I hope to improve during my time in the MBA program.

What is one thing you are most anxious about in your first year?
As an international student living by myself for the first time, I am anxious about managing my house, meals, school, and social life. It’s a constant juggle of priorities. 

What is one thing you are most excited about in your first year?
I am excited to learn more about my community and get involved in various student-led clubs. Currently, I am a first-year MBAA representative and am very excited to learn from the second-year leaders and help organize events for my classmates.

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