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Vanderbilt Owen MBA Class of 2023 Profile

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The Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management has released its MBA Class of 2023 class profile. This year, the class of 182 students comes from a diverse group of countries and top undergraduate institutions. This MBA cohort will be present for the August 2022 opening of the new $55 million renovated and expanded Owen Graduate School of Management building.

Here are some key elements of the profile:

Vanderbilt Owen MBA Class Profile:
Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.33
Percent majoring in arts, humanities, social sciences 20.8%
Percent majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math 23.5%
Percent majoring in business 46.7%

Owen MBA Class of 2023 GMAT & GRE Statistics

Average GMAT Score 690
GMAT Score Middle 80% Range 630-740
Average GRE Verbal Score 158
Average GRE Quant Score 157
Percent Submitting GRE Scores 23%

Owen MBA Class Profile:
Student Characteristics

Women 37%
Countries Represented (by citizenship) 27
International Students 25%
Average Work Experience 5.7 years


While equity, diversity, and inclusion are embedded in courses across the curriculum, Owen has added three additional courses focused solely on ED&I as part of its commitment to inclusion for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners.

This year, women make up 37 percent of the class. International students, including dual citizens and permanent residents, comprise 25 percent of the class and represent 27 countries, including Vietnam, Myanmar, Peru, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Out of U.S. students, 23 percent are minorities. Veterans and those currently serving in the military make up 15 percent of the class.

Vanderbilt Owen has cultivated partnerships and made vital commitments to reaching more students, which the school credits for its greater diversity in the MBA class.

“Vanderbilt Business has had long-standing strategic partnerships with leading organizations including Forte Foundation, Reaching Out MBA, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, National Black MBA Association, Prospanica, and MBA Veterans,” said Bailey McChesney, Director of MBA Admissions. “Most recently, we have expanded our commitment with National Black MBA Association and Prospanica, in particular, to intentionally commit scholarship dollars and to award Fellowships to these students. In addition, Vanderbilt Business has entered into several newer strategic partnerships, namely JumpStart, AdmitMe, MBA Veterans, and Service2School to reach an even broader population of underserved and under-resourced prospective students. These partnerships strengthen the school’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion efforts to not only attract top talent but to make our program more accessible to all.”

Academic and Professional Experience

The MBA class comes from 117 undergraduate institutions including United States Military Academy at West Point, Duke, and Penn State. Business majors make up the bulk of the class with 46.7 percent of students. Engineering degrees are held by 15 percent, 11.5 percent majored in humanities, 9.3 percent in social science, and 6.5 percent have a science degree.

Relatively unique among business schools is the diverse array of professional backgrounds that the MBA class holds. The top six careers among students represent just over half the class. Technology professionals make up 11.5 percent, financial services 10.9 percent, manufacturing 9.3 percent, and healthcare 8.7 percent. Consulting and media and entertainment industries are tied for the sixth most popular professions with 7.1 percent.

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