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Real Humans of MBA Students: UCLA Anderson MBA Class of 2023

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We head to sunny California for this edition of Real Humans: MBA Students to meet some new members of the UCLA Anderson School of Management MBA Class of 2023.

360 students joined the latest Anderson class. Forty-two percent are women and 36 percent are international, representing 41 different countries. Thirty-two percent identify as minorities.

During their undergraduate years, 26 percent of Anderson MBA students had studied business. Twenty percent each had majored in engineering or economics. Seventeen percent earned degrees in the humanities followed by 10 percent in math/science. The middle 80 percent of GPAs ranged from 3.1 to 3.8.

In regards to work experience, the new class matriculated with an average of five years of it. Twenty-two percent came from the high tech industry. Twenty-one percent each of students had worked in finance or consulting before joining Anderson. Consumer goods accounts for 10 percent of the new class’s work experience, followed by nine percent public/nonprofit and eight percent healthcare/biotech. Five percent of the class had worked in entertainment/media and four percent came from real estate.

When it came time to take the GMAT, the Anderson MBA Class of 2023 averaged a score of 714. The middle 80 percent of scores ranged from 670 to 750.

Read on for personal accounts from new Anderson MBA students, as they share what they learned from the admissions process, what they love about the program, community and more.

Lauren Wakal
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