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UVA Darden Batten Scholarship Interview: Early Action / Zoom

Image for UVA Darden Batten Scholarship Interview: Early Action / Zoom

When I got the request for an interview, I couldn’t find much on the interview process. Given that, I thought I would share my experience.

First thing to note – I got my notice of admission (EA September) well before notice of the scholarship.

There were 4 people on the call, the MBA adcom I had my admissions interview with, Batten’s Director of Education and Experiential Learning (I’ve talked to a few Batten Scholars now, she has been a constant for every interview), a Darden grad in the start-up space, and a member of the adcom who focuses on Batten specifically. FWIW some people told me they had profs who teach entrepreneurship, instead of the grads – seems like it could be either of those two.

It was very similar to the admissions interview I had, it lasted just over 30 mins. Very conversational, basically walked them through my resume and how I ended up where I am today. Major difference between the two was that the regular admission interview is blind, whereas for this they had looked over my resume. Given this, they dug into each part of my career far more than they did with the admissions interview. Unsurprisingly, they spend more time on the start-up/entrepreneur things than other parts of your resume.

Through reddit and reaching out to people over LinkedIn, I talked to current/previous Batten Scholars. They said they were asked “What will Batten do for you?” and “where do you see your industry/tech going in the future?” While I wasn’t asked those questions, everything felt very guided by the content of the initial question, so I wouldn’t discount those questions coming up.

Hope this helps anyone else pursing the scholarship!

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