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Yale SOM Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 /Second-Year Student / Zoom

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My interviewer was pretty straight forward and friendly at the same time. She mentioned that the interview would last 30mins. I was already aware Yale SOM is not fond of starting interviews with the famous ” Tell me about yourself/ walk me through your resume” question so I was not surprised they did not ask it. These were the questions:

1. I won’t ask you to go through the whole resume, choose one professional experience where you succeeded at something and talk about what the outcome was. What did you learn from the experience and how did you apply it in other professional settings?
2. Next question that I have for you is around broad-mindedness. So, a lot of the recruiters often tell us that SOM graduates lead by knowing not only when to speak, but also by knowing when to listen. So if you could tell me about a professional experience when you considered the perspective of someone who’s different from you, and how did that perspective inform the outcome, if at all?
3. What are you post MBA goals?
4. How can Yale specifically help you to achieve them?
5. What clubs are you interested in?
6. Do you mind talking about what the quote you submitted means to you, and in the context also of like what kind of contribution you’ll make to the SOM community?
7. What do you intend to do between the time you get admitted and the time school starts?
8. Anything else that you want to add in terms of your candidacy? We’re through the questions that I’ve got to ask you, but if there’s anything else you want to add that you can.

At this point, I had mentioned everything I had to say to I told her I had nothing else to add.

9 . Do you have any questions for me?

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