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Berkeley Haas 2021 MBA Employment Report: Compensation Climbs

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The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, has released its latest MBA employment report, and compensation climbed for the Class of 2021.

The median base salary reported for the class is $149,000, a growth of 6.5% over last year. The average base salary increased from $139,423 for the Class of 2020 to $143,696 this year. More than 72% had received a sign-on bonus, with the median reported amount at $33,775. Additionally, 42.6% reported receiving stock options with their compensation package.

Within three months of graduation, nearly 90% of Haas MBAs had received a job offer and 88.3% of them were employed full-time, with 10% having gone to work for startups. Haas facilitated 68.2% of jobs through school-sponsored interviews on and off-campus, internship conversions, job postings, or via the Haas network and resources.

Berkeley Haas MBA Class of 2021 Employment: Industry & Regional Placement

Thirty-four percent of Haas students seeking employment found it in the tech industry, where Haas holds a strong connection. Roughly 28% headed into consulting, followed by 12.3% into financial services. Nearly seven percent chose to work in healthcare, and another six percent joined the consumer packaged goods industry. The highest median salaries were reported by the consulting industry at $165,000.

Haas MBA Employment Report:
Top 5 Industry Placement

Technology 34.1%
Consulting 28.4%
Financial Services 12.3%
Healthcare 6.6%
Consumer Packaged Goods 6.2%

Nearly three-quarters of the Class of 2021 stayed in the West U.S. for their post-MBA careers. While 44.4% of the class remained in the San Francisco area, where the highest median salaries by location were reported at $160,000, another 24.8% went to the Los Angeles region. The Southwest recruited 5.7% of the class and the Northeast 5.2%. Just 3.3% of the class went to the Mid-Atlantic, 2.8% to the Midwest, and 0.9% to the South. Nine percent of the class headed abroad, with Asia and Latin America/Caribbean claiming the most graduates.

Haas MBA Employment Report:
U.S. Regional Placement

West 73%
Southwest 5.7%
Northeast 5.2%
Mid-Atlantic 3.3%
Midwest 2.8%
South 0.9%
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